How to Maximize Press Coverage for Your Commercial Real Estate Company

Press coverage is an invaluable tool that can help commercial real estate companies build credibility in their community. With this digital word-of-mouth, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and gain the authentic exposure you need to land new clients, close deals, and get your name noticed by the right people. 

If you’re gaining authentic brand exposure through press releases – congrats! Getting the recognition you deserve is half the battle. Once you receive press coverage for all your hard work, you’ll need to use these assets for your marketing initiatives to maximize your exposure.

We’re here to walk you through five ways to maximize press coverage exposure, so you can get your name noticed by the right people. 

Here’s everything you can do:

1. Build Your Social Media Presence 

Never underestimate the power of social media. Social media is a tool that allows you to grow a connection with your target audience and gain authentic brand exposure. The best platforms to focus on building your presence are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Whenever your business is mentioned in the press, you can share the content on social media and thank the writer for the mention in their publication.

Here are some examples to help you get started:

“We were recently featured in [PUBLICATION] for _____. We are honored to be mentioned alongside some of the best in the business.”

“We are honored to be mentioned by @WRITER for this feature in [PUBLICATION].”

Have some fun and get creative. You never know who you might impress with the recent press coverage.

Don’t have the reach or following you want yet? Tap into your employee’s network. By encouraging your team to build their personal brand on social media, you can maximize your reach and get your commercial real estate business the awareness it deserves. 

2. Create a Press Coverage Page

Press coverage helps your commercial real estate brand build authority and credibility in the industry. These mentions give your current prospects the reassurance they need to choose to do business with you. 

Start by creating a landing page and linking all the recent publications that your brand is mentioned. You can keep things straightforward or add a few sentences about the mention. 

You should never copy and paste the publication word for word onto your own website. This can negatively impact your SEO ranking. Instead, you’ll want to write a short introduction in your own words and encourage individuals to read more on the other website. 

It’s okay if a few publications are dated but don’t forget to update the page regularly with new publications and mentions. 

3. Upgrade Your Email Signature

If your commercial real estate business was recently featured in a high-end magazine, make it known! By adding a quick line or two to your email signature, you can establish credibility with your prospects and give them the peace of mind they need to know they are working with the best in the business. 

Depending on what the mention is for, you can use language like… 

  • Voted the Best by XXX
  • Recently Featured in XXX

Simply link to the article, and let that small change in your email signature work its magic. This is a great tactic to use if it’s a well-known publication you’re proud of. 

4. Utilize Quotes From the Article

Quotes and reviews are great marketing tools with the power to persuade individuals to work with you. You can use quotes directly from the articles and publications for email marketing, social media, and your website. Don’t forget to credit the writer and publication when pulling quotes and mentions straight from the article.

5. Share With Your Team

When your business is mentioned in a new publication, share the great news with your team! Your team is sure to have a network outside of your own companies. When they share the mentions on their personal social networks, emails, and by word of mouth: You can maximize your reach and get more eyes on the coverage. 

When you share the press coverage with your team, don’t forget to give them ways to share the content and language they can use to streamline the process.

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